We’re over a week removed from Starrcave and we want to thank everyone who made that event happen.

The amount of fans who stood by us, and the amount of people who turned up to see our crazy project finally culminate was overwhelming.

The Castleton fish and chip shop ran out of chips, an achievement we can all be proud of!

The truth is rearranging Starrcave cost us, it’s a heavy hit, one we need some time to deal with and recover from.

We’re a new company and mistakes have been made, financially we’re not where we want to be right now and we need some time to sort those finances out, ensure all our debts are covered and that we can guarantee we’ll be able to pay talent and employees for future work.

We can’t do that right now, and we don’t want to risk that not doing so becomes a reality. Mentally as well we’re starting to feel burnt out, running shows is a challenge, and there are so many lessons we keep learning and we fit 11 of them into 8 months, It’s because of this that we’ve decided to take a break and not run any more shows this year.

We’re aiming to return next year with our accounts sorted, ready to go again, older, hopefully wiser and with an already amazing roster that we can guarantee will do everything they can to entertain.

We apologise to those of you that have already purchased tickets to our November show, refunds will be issued, and once we return, you’ll be offered free like for like tickets to our return show on top of this. If that isn’t enough, we completely understand and again apologise. It’s not been an easy decision to come to, but we honestly feel it’s the right one for us.

We’ll be discussing with our patrons what they’d like us to do with the patreon and will follow their lead regarding that.

In the meantime please check out the amazing talent we’ve had in other companies on the scene, you can’t go wrong with Riptide, Resurgence, Attack, Hope, Good, North, EBW, Futureshock, TIDAL and more names we’ll no doubt feel terrible about forgetting.

Support this scene! Thank you for being a part of The Breed journey so far, we will be back and we hope you’ll join us again when we are.


Team Breed