Breed Pro Presents: This isn’t Murder, it’s just Grenoside

Saturday August 24th, Hex Arena, Sheffield

Featuring ETM vs More Than Hype

‘Leader of the New Breed’ Joe Nelson vs Luke Jacobs

‘The Supreme Suplex Machine’ Scotty Davis vs ‘The Amazing’ Rory Gulak

Big GUNS Joe Vs Session Moth Martina

‘The Hybrid’ Jay Joshua vs Nico Angelelo

Plus much more!

Doors: 4PM

First Bell 5PM

Show End 8:30PM

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Breeding Ground 3: The Breeding Ground Invitational

Saturday 7 Sep @ Hex, Sheffield 5PM-9PM

An 8 Man tournament to decide who will make it into the cave!!

Matches announced so far include:

Sugar Dunkerton Vs Darius Lockhart

Simon Miller Vs Adam Bolt

Henry Faust VS MK McKinnan

The Final match of the tournament announced soon!

Pluse our Marquee Bout:

Carlos Romo Vs Daneil Makabe!

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Breed Pro Presents: Starrcave

Peak Cavern @ Castleton, S33 8WS

Sun 8 Sep 2019 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm

We can finally reveal the Breed Pro Wrestling will be running a show from a CAVE!

Sunday 8th September, we take over Peak Cavern in Castleton. Around 30 minutes outside Sheffield and 45 minutes from Manchester. We will be offering coaches from both places.

The doors will open at 5pm, with the show finishing around 9PM although we are hoping to finish slightly earlier. The venue is wheelchair accessible, if purchasing a wheelchair seat then please purchase a ‘Row 4 and Back’ and we will have our own section in the cave for you.

The show will be family friendly.

We are super proud to be running a show from this venue be apart of history.

Travel Options

The coach will pick you up from Sheffield Train Station at 3PM and get you into Castleton for around 3:45, so you will get a good hour in the lovely village of Castleton before the show. The show will finish around 8:45PM and the coaches will get you back into Sheffield for around 9:45PM.

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T.K Cooper Vs Scotty Davis Vs Breeding ground invitational Winner VS ???

Spike Trivet VS David Starr

Chuck Mambo VS ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey

Deathmatch in a cave!! Session Moth Martina Vs Gene Munny

More Than Hype VS Schadenfreude

and much more to come!